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Austin FCU cards come with daily processing limits and geographic restrictions to help protect you from fraud.

Most members have daily limits of $800 for POS transactions and $400 for ATM transactions, with an $800 aggregate total. In addition there is a "swipe limit" of 10 POS transactions, and 5 ATM transactions with 12 transaction aggregate total. (If your limits are different you would've received notice of that when you opened your account). We can always raise your limit for you if you need to spend a little more in a specific time frame. Give us a call or send us a message to have this done. 

Your card is also geographically locked to transactions in the US. If you plan to travel outside the US please let us know so that we can place a travel notification on your account to keep fraud monitoring from triggering due to the different location. If you’ll be taking a road trip (even in the US), it’s also a good idea to let us know since using your card in different cities on the same day can trigger a fraud case.

Travel Notifications

We utilize a service called EnFact Real-Time to monitor member transactions for fraud. Each time you swipe your card, your transaction is assigned a fraud score based on amount, location, type of terminal, and many other factors. If that score is high enough, you will receive a call from our Fraud Department asking you to verify the transaction. In special cases, if the fraud score on a transaction is high enough, your card may be shut down immediate.

Calls from the fraud department come from 1-877-253-8964. If your card has been restricted after-hours, you can contact the fraud department at that phone number to resolve the case. Unfortunately, if your card has fraud on it, we are unable to re-activate the card and will need to order you a new one. Please note Enfact will score transactions high if they are outside your geographical area, see Travel Notice for more info.

If a transaction has cleared your account that you did not authorize, or you have attempted to dispute a transaction with a merchant but have been unsuccessful, please click the link below to initiate a debit card dispute.

If a transaction has cleared your account that you did not authorize, please call (800) 472-3272 immediately to cancel your debit card. Then proceed to the debit card dispute form.

An Austin FCU MSR will contact you in one to two business days regarding your responses to the form, and let you know what your next steps should be. Please keep in mind, that a dispute with Austin FCU does not supersede any agreement you may have made with a merchant, and should only be used in situations where no authorization was given, or where you have already communicated with the merchant regarding the dispute.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (512) 444 - 6419 or (800) 950-8143.

Click here to proceed to the debit card dispute form.