Notary Services

Visit Austin FCU to have your documents notarized. We offer free notary public services to all members.
NOTE: We are NOT able to provide witnesses for notarized documents. If you document requires an unrelated witness please be sure to bring them with you when you visit to have your document(s) notarized.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Store your valuables somewhere safe. We have a range of safe deposit box sizes for jewelry, documents, and other belongings. Call us at (512) 444-6419 for more information. 

Wire Transfers

Move your money across Texas, America, and even the world with ease. We offer domestic wire transfer services. Currently we are only able to offer international transfers if the receiving financial institution has a US Intermediary Bank. Wire transfers must be submitted by 2:30 PM CST for same-day processing. Wires submitted after this cutoff time will be processed on the next business day.
Contact us for pricing and details. View our wiring instructions.

Cashier’s Checks

Rest assured that your important payments clear. Purchase a cashier’s check in any amount. Visit our Main Branch to get your cashier’s checks.

Money Orders

Forget bounced checks. Buy money orders for values up to $1,000. Visit our Main Branch to get your money orders.