Verification of Member Accounts

The Austin FCU Supervisory Committee is verifying member records. Please review your December 2017 statement very carefully. If these balances do not agree with your records, please report any differences to:

Austin FCU Supervisory Committee
PO Box 40177
Austin, TX 78704-1989. 

We will consider the balances correct unless we hear from you by January 31, 2018. Thank you for your assistance!


Fraudulent Austin FCU Checks

We have gotten word that fraudulent Austin FCU checks are circulating. If you think you have received one of these items, please call us at 512-444-6419 before depositing the item and our accounting department can assist you in verifying its authenticity. To date, the majority of these checks have been sent to non-members as a part of secret shopper or legal settlement scams. 

Learn more about fraudulent check scams

No Auto Loan Payments for 90 Days

Finance your next vehicle with Austin FCU and you won't have to make a payment until after the Super Bowl.

Learn more about our vehicle loans.

Austin FCU Scholarship Now Open

The AFCU Scholarship Spring round is open. Applications are due December 31 for award by January 15th.

Download the application.


Holiday Loans

Holiday Loans have been extended through January 31st! Click here for more info and to Apply