Make sure your transactions go through, even if you forget a payment or two, with Courtesy Pay.

  • Convenient form of overdraft protection
  • Make sure transactions clear, even if there aren’t enough funds in your account
  • Two types of Courtesy Pay available:
    • For checks, automatic bill payments, and ACH transactions
    • For ATM transactions and one-time debit card transactions (opt-in required)
  • If your Austin FCU loan is delinquent, Courtesy Pay will not work
  • $33 fee for each transaction covered by Courtesy Pay for checks, ACH or one-time debit card transactions
  • $45 fee for ATM transactions


In order to be eligible for Courtesy Pay, you must:

  • Meet the qualifications for a checking account
  • Have a direct deposit
  • Have a current address on file
  • Have an account in good standing

If you are a new member, your account will be eligible for Courtesy Pay after 90 days.


The the maximum overdraft limit allowed to members opted in to the Courtesy Pay program is $200.00. Higher limits may be available to qualified members.

To apply for a higher limit, please email [email protected] to request an application or fill out and return this form. Membership length requirements apply, and we may request proof of income.

Opt In/Opt Out

To have ATM and debit card transactions covered by Courtesy Pay, you must opt in to Courtesy Pay one of the following ways:

You can opt out of Courtesy Pay at any time just as easily. Give us a call, send us a message in online banking, or complete and turn in the Courtesy Pay Opt Out form.

Learn More

Visit our FAQ page to find more information about Courtesy Pay. If you have any questions, please contact us.

All Courtesy Pay elections are within the sole discretion of AFCU, and we have no contractual obligation with our members to pay or transfer any NSF item/transaction. Courtesy Pay is an optional service that we may provide as set forth herein to members in good standing. Courtesy Pay is not an entitlement, it is not a loan, and may be discontinued or denied at any time even though we have paid such items at other times. The Courtesy Pay program does not release you from your obligation to pay your debts including any amount by which your accounts may be overdrawn. Further, Courtesy Pay does not affect or limit the Credit Union’s other rights/options regarding NSF transactions under our other policies, procedures and applicable laws. Pursuant to your Membership Agreement, the Credit Union retains discretion to decide which items to pay. AFCU may revoke the privilege at any time without notice.