Fee Schedule effective March 5, 2024
Closed acct fee (within 90 days of opening) $5.00
Checking Account Fees
Check printing fee (shown as ACH/Harland-Clarke on your statement) Prices vary depending upon style
Copy of check charge-two (2) copies free per month, Internet copies free $3.00
Non return/NSF/Courtesy Pay Fee (POS, ACH and Share Draft) $33.00 per item
Courtesy Pay Fee (withdrawal at ATM) $45.00 per instance
Overdraft transfer charge $4.00 per transfer
Stop Payment/Postdated item request fee $33.00
Temporary checks $1.00 per sheet of 3
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account history printout (FREE on Internet) $3.00
Account reconciliation/research (one hour minimum) $20.00 per hour
Account verification fee $5.00 per request
ATM/debit card lost card replacement fee $5.00
Bad Address Fee (monthly charge for no address or bad address, waived if updated within 90 days) $5.00 per month
Check cashing fee (waived with $100 on deposit, $1,000 in loans or 50% if check deposited. The fee will be assessed on all two-party payroll checks.) 1% of check amount
Check collection-outgoing-domestic $15.00
Check collection outgoing-international $25.00
Check collection-incoming $5.00
Coin counting fee (fee waived if half or more deposited to an AFCU account) 1% of total counted
Copy/Fax fee $0.10 per page
Coin/Currency Orders (rolled/boxed coin, strapped cash) $0.10 per roll/strap
Inactive account fee after 12 months of inactivity (doesn't apply to IRA's) $5.00 per month
Legal process fee $50.00
Money Order fee $1.50 per money order
Paper Statement Fee (waived for ages 65+) $5.00 per statment
Return check fee (checks written on your account elsewhere) $30.00
Return check fee (mobile deposit) $30.00 per check
Return check fee (other than above) $20.00
Return MasterCard payment fee $30.00
Statement copy fee $2.50 per statement
Teller/Cashier check to member $2.00 per check
Teller/Cashier check to non-member $5.00 per check
Telephone Inquiries for information that is available via audio or No-Line Banking $2.00
Telephone transfers that could be completed via audio or No-Line Banking $2.00 each transfer
Unreturned drive thru canister $75.00
OneClick web bill pay service $4.35 per month
Wire Transfer Fees (bank and Western Union)
Wire transfer fee-domestic $15.00
Wire fee-incoming $5.00
Wire trace/amendment fee $20.00
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
ATM withdrawal fee (non-proprietary, non Alliance) $1.00
ATM withdrawal fee (proprietary, Alliance ATM) none
ATM inquiry fee (non-proprietary, non Alliance) $1.00
NSF ATM charge $33.00 per item
NSF ACH charge $33.00 per item
Credit Union Membership
Membership share $5.00